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Visualització de dades i complexitat

Facultat de Física de la Universitat de Barcelona
Avinguda Diagonal, 645
080128 Barcelona

Seminari “Data visualization from different universes. Some applications from the scientific, artistic and business world” (Visualització de dades de diferents universos. Algunes aplicacions del món científic artístic i empresarial) dins el cicle “Més enllà de la física: reptes multidisciplinaris”, organitzat per, la xarxa catalana per a l’estudi dels sistemes complexos.

Data is the new soil… but it needs to be mapped!

We live in a world where the importance of data is growing exponentially, and where the need to extract knowledge from data appears in many diverse sectors of our society. More often than not, this information extraction process involves visualizing complex data in original ways. In this workshop, invites speakers from very different universes to share their experiences in dealing with the representation of data-sets, with the aim of appealing to a multidisciplinar audience ranging from business to science and even art.

After the plenary sessions, space for discussion, networking and presentation of small data-viz initiatives is also scheduled. Join us in this free workshop!

Plenary Talks

  • DataVis for consultancy in Higher Education institutions. Victor Pascual (Siris Academic).
  • Multilayer analysis and visualization of networks. Manlio de Domenico (URV).
  • Designing with/for data. Pierrick Thébault (AXA & MIT).
  • Understanding Data through human acts. Dani Pearson (Domestic Data Streamers).

Registration and contributions

The attendance to the workshop is free, but registration is needed and places are limited. Applications will be considered in a first come first served basis. Additionally, slots for short presentations (10-15 min) are available (application deadline: May 5th). Register and (optionally) submit your abstract below.

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