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Induction of protective T cell immunity in Therapeutic HIV vaccines

Aula Magna UVic-UCC
C/ Laura, 13
08500 Vic

The development of a vaccine against HIV is one of the greatest scientific challenges of our times. The characteristics of the T cell immunity that canmediate relative control of HIV replication in natural infection are incompletely described and how to induce such protective T cell responses in the context of HIV cure strategies is therefore unclear. Details on T cell functionality and fine-specificity as well as the choice of suitable vaccine vectors and vaccination regimens are likely to all play critical roles in achieving afunctional cure of HIV. Some of the emerging therapeutic concepts and new insights into host immunity to HIV infection will be presented.

Talk by Dr. Christian Brander, Principal Investigator at Institut de Recerca de la SIDA – IrsiCaixa, ICREA professor and Researcher at the Chair in Infectious Diseases and Immunity. (UVIC-UCC)

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