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Inferència en confiaça i reputació

Institut d’Investigació en Intel·ligència Artificial
Carrer Can Planes s/n Campus de la UAB
08193 Bellaterra

Seminari tècnic en anglès “Using Affective Aspects to Infer Trust and Reputation”, a càrrec de Jones Granatyr.

Trust mechanisms allow the behavior evaluation of individuals that are part of a community by assigning a confidence value, which is used to make a decision about whether or not to interact. Many trust models have been developed in recent years, and it is perceived in the literature that most part of them take into account the numeric and cognitive paradigm, which do not use affective aspects to construct trust or to help in decision-making processes.

Based on that, this seminar aims to present the links between Trust and Affective Computing, showing how trust is related to decision-making, emotions and personality, as well as how the Affective Computing mechanisms can be applied in trust dimensions usually employed in trust models. Additionally, it will be presented two experiments in progress: the first one is about inferring trust using the Big Five personality traits while the second is related to infer reputation by emotions and valence. Both of them are applied in a text dataset which contains opinions of the users.

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